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Former President’s concern over no good change in political system

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Kathmandu: Former President Ram Baran Yadav inaugurated an association of Nepali youths entrepreneurs abroad which aims to enhance access to Nepali products’ in the international market and to create employment.

Former President Yadav, during the event on Friday, expressed his confidence that the newly inaugurated Federation of International Nepali Youth Entrepreneurs (FINE) would play a useful role in the development of youth entrepreneurship by bringing in foreign knowledge, skills and technology.

The Federation, which wants to serve as a tool for networking among the Nepali entrepreneurs scattered abroad for networking, investment and ideas sharing, was recently established.

Former President Yadav said, “The youths have dream and vision how to help make their motherland economically prosperous. The stakeholders must support the Federation for enabling environment to realize the vision and dreams of the youths.”

Stating that Nepal, a country with incredible natural beauty and geographically diverse land, is an attractive destination for global tourism, he viewed that the Federation should play role in attracting as many foreign tourists to Nepal.

Furthermore, former President Yadav expressed his concern over the degradation of the Chure Area and forest areas in the Terai and pressed for environmental conservation to combat the climate crisis.

On a different note, the former Head of the State also voiced his concern about the current political scenario. “Although we are in the current political system after coming through Panchayat, democratic system and federal republic system over 70 years, there is no improvement in the political situation yet,” Yadav said.

Similarly, Film Development Board, Nepal, Chairperson Dayaram Dahal called for institutional investors to create art and cultures. He said that the Nepali film sector was working towards making the Nepali film sector competitive in the international market using modern technology.

Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries’ deputy director-general Gokarna Awasthi and other participants in the event univocally spoke of the need for the Federation to play coordinative role in attracting foreign investment.

The Federation has youths working in 11different countries including China, Hong Kong, the USA, the UK and Australia among others. Federation’s chairperson Swatantra Pratap Shah shared that Nepali youth entrepreneurs from other countries would be roped in the Federation in the coming days.

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