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28th International Day of people with Disabilities being marked even in Nepal. President Vidhya Devi Bhandari stresses on need of bringing people with disabilities to mainstream of development

December 3: The 28th International Day of People with Disabilities is also being marked in Nepal with various programs. The United Nations has been marking the day worldwide since 1981 advocating for the rights of people with disabilities. Nepal began to observe the day since 3rd December 1992.

In a message today on the occasion of the 28th International Day of People with Disabilities, President Bhandari said that it is the serious duty of the State to make the people with disabilities self-reliant by including them in the mainstream of the development.

The President said Constitution of Nepal has taken up the resolve of achieving socio-economic prosperity based on justice and equality, and disability-friendly structures should be developed in order to ease the daily life of people with disabilities.

She has also emphasized on ensuring people with disabilities’ access to education and health to build an egalitarian /ɪˌɡæl.ɪˈteə.ri.ən/society.-

The President has, in the message, also said that the State should be more sensitive and work at the implementation level to ensure the rights envisioned by the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disability.

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