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Discussions on budget continued in the meeting of the House of Representatives today as well

Kathmandu, June 4: The discussions the budget continued in the meeting of the House of Representatives today as well.

Speaking the meeting the ruling party lawmaker extolled the budget highlighting senior citizen allowance, employee’s pay rise, and saying the budget has been popular not only among the public but also even among the oppositions.

They stressed on the implementation of the budget saying a timely and appropriate budget has been announced.

Meanwhile, the opposition lawmakers criticized the budget blaming it to have raised taxes beyond the production capacity. They also said that it lacks programme of enhancing production.

They added that although the budget has put the positive frame of making the country self-reliant in priority, there are challenges to implement it.

Speaking in the meeting today, Nepal Communist Party lawmaker Surendra Pandey said that the budget has considered all the fiscal disciplines with visions and has been formulated as per the aspirations of people.

He also said that the government’s plan to raise 195 billion internal loans will not invite fiscal problem as the financial indicators are positive. Meanwhile, Nepali Congress Lawmaker Min Bahadur Bishwokarma said that there is a flaw in the tax rate stated in the budget.

He further said the budget has not spoken about capital formation and preservation and stressed on the internal loan collection. Thus it will create a financial crisis in the country.

Likewise, Rashtriya Janata Party Nepal Lawmaker Rajendra Mahato said that there is no clarity in the budget about the fund allocated for Terai. He also blamed that the budget is biased and against federalism.

Similarly, the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal’s lawmaker Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav said that the budget is too ambitious in the pretext that the government has failed to increase capital expenditure.

Prior to this speaking in the zero hours of the House of Representatives meeting, the lawmakers objected the vacancy called by the public service commission saying it is against the principle of proportional inclusion and constitutional provisions.

They demanded to manage the provincial public service commission for fulfilling the needed employees in state and local levels and the current vacancy announcement has confiscated the rights of locals and state governments.

Likewise, RJP-Nepal lawmaker Pramod Saha demanded a ruling from the Speaker for constitution amendment as it is indispensable.

He said that they are shocked about the government’s statement that the constitution will be amended on the basis of necessity and relevance even if 125 people lost their lives in the agitation launched demanding constitution amendment.


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