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House of representatives and National Assembly endorse government’s programs and policies

Kathmandu, May 7: House of representatives and National Assembly have endorsed the government’s programs and policies for the upcoming fiscal year by the majority today.

The programme and policies of the government were presented by President Bidhya Devi Bhandari in the joint meeting of both chambers of the federal parliament last Friday.

Six different amendment proposals on the government programme and polices had been registered in the house meeting and all of them were rejected by the majority.

Meantime, answering the questions raised by the lawmakers in the house during the discussion, PM KP Sharma Oli said that the government’s programmes and policies incorporated all the issues regarding development and prosperity in the country.

He stressed that the government progrmame and policies have come with a clear vision and determination to nation building but not something done in rush.

The PM also said that the programme and policies of the government has rightly incorporated long-term visions including plans for two years, four years and five years.

He claimed that the programme and policies have rightly incorporated wise distribution of the national capital and generated benefits along with the plans for addressing all the aspects of people life like the security of people’s rights, social justice and mechanism for the production and enhancing productivity.

The PM also added that although there has been some complication in the implementation of the federal system in the country as it is new for us, the thing will come to the right in course.

PM Oli also claimed that the government’s programme and policies have come to maintain the good governance and control corruption in the country.

Speaking in the house meeting, the PM also said that the government is ready to amend the constitution on the basis of need and objective. He said that the government is ready to amend the constitution in consensus if there are issues obstructing national unity and social harmony.

The PM claimed that the government has been working to lay the foundation for balancing the trade deficit, accelerated development in the agriculture sector and award bids holding competitions in price, time and quality.

He also said that private and foreign investment will be utilized as per the priority and need.

The PM also claimed that the government has aimed at reducing the poverty within a short span of time and recently 4% poverty has been reduced, national income and national saving have increased, and there is no need of raising internal debt. Therefore, the government has been heading to bolster the national economy.

Clarifying the use of “My government in the president’s address to the house meeting, the PM said that the office of the president in a respectable and parental institution in the country and there is no need to have any comment on it.

He said that the Nepali Congress which has been practicing democracy for a long time should not comment on these kinds of issue as the office of the president is a common institution of all.

Also speaking in the house meeting, Nepal Communist Party Chair Puspa Kamal Dahal said that that the government programme and policies have made maximum effort to incorporate the aspirations of people based on past experience.

He also said that the positive comments from the opposition party on the government policies and programme that was presented with many exercises from the ruling party have made it meaningful.

Chairman Prachanda further added that for the institutionalization of the achievement, there are much to be done. He added that for safeguarding the achievement made so far, there is no alternative to lead the programme and policies to the implementation by incorporating the suggestion received from the opposition parties.

Chairman Dahal stressed on the need of working in unison for completing the remaining work of the peace process, implementation of the constitution, implementation of the fundamental rights and prosperity of the country.

Thanking the government for its effort for the prosperity and happiness of all Nepalese, Chairman Prachanda claimed that the government has been successful to maintain diplomatic balance and use it for national interests and all these are historic achievement.

After the endorsement of the government programme and policies, the House of representatives meeting has been scheduled for 10 May and National assembly will hold its next meeting tomorrow.


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