तपाईँ सुन्दै हुनुहुन्छः

The government of Province 2, to appoint state-level employees

April 20: Province 2 governments have initiated a process to make state-level appointments on the posts lying vacant at the ministries and local levels.

The State government which has reportedly been mired in human resources crunch is learnt to have been doing homework towards that end. Lack of adequate employees has badly affected daily activities and the service seekers are bearing the brunt. Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut on April 16 sent a letter to the Chair of the Public Service Commission, urging to not open any vacancies for the State and local provinces citing that the vacancy announcements would be made after the establishment of State Public Service Commission.
The copy of the letter was submitted to the Federal Government for the information. The State Public Service Commission is now preparing to announce first-round of vacancies for several ministries to departments starting from mid-July, the first month of a new fiscal year.

As Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Gyanendra Yadav said vacancies under eight services including agriculture, education, health, administration and engineering were being opened. Minister Yadav said remaining works need to be done before the vacancy announcement would be completed through a fast-track.

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