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Endangered species of fish start making comeback

Godawari: Endangered fish species have started to make a comeback in the Thuligad watershed area, thanks to the initiatives undertaken for its preservation by the local levels and organisations. The Thuligad river separates Kailali and Doti districts and it is one of the tributaries of the Karnali River.

The endangered Sahar species of fish has been detected in significant numbers in recent days in the river after a ban on illegal and destructive fishing. 

Hikmat Bhat, a local of Chure rural municipality-3, said that Sahar fish is sold at Rs 1,800 per kilo. According to him, this species of fish started to be found with the increase in the water level in the Thuligad watershed area during the monsoon.

Lalit Shah, another trader at Sahajpur of Kailali, shared that fish of the endangered Sahar species along with other species are found in the Thuligad watershed area with the rise in water level in the Karnali. Shah added that the Sahar species of fish fetches the highest price whereas the fish of other species sell at Rs 400 per kilo.

Twenty-seven fish species and 16 water plants species are found in this watershed area. Of these many fish species, the Sahar, Zebra, Buche Asala, Sol, Chuchche and Rajabam indigenous species of fish are found, said Hukum Bohara, a local. 

Two local levels in Kailali and as many from Doti had banned destructive and rampant fishing since four years back for conservation of the aquatic biodiversity in the Thuligad watershed area. The Chure and Mohanyal rural municipalities in Kailali and the Jorayal and Badikedar rural municipalities in Doti have stepped up measures for the conservation of aquatic biodiversity through the implementation of the Aquatic Life Act. And the initiatives of the local governments have ultimately produced positive results.

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