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NC and RJP parliamentarians disrupt HoR meeting

Kathmandu, July 31: The parliamentarians of the major opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) and Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) have obstructed today’s meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR), demanding the formation of a parliamentary investigation committee into Sarlahi incident.

Soon after speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara started the meeting, the parliamentarians from the opposition parties stood from their respective seats in a gesture of protest. Despite the protest, Speaker Mahara attempted to continue with the meeting and that’s when the parliamentarians picketed the well in the assembly hall.

Speaker Mahara repeatedly requested the parliamentarians to allow the continuation of the meeting but the parliamentarians kept on protesting with slogans. He then announced the adjournment of  the meeting till August 1.

Meantime, talking to media persons after the house meeting today, deputy leader of Nepal communist party Subas Nembang said government tried hard to run parliamentary business. He said whether it would be appropriate to form a parliamentary probe committee to investigate an issue that had already been taken up by the state affairs committee.

Nepali congress chief whip Balkrishna Khand accused the government and house speaker of turning deaf ears to the demand of investigation of Sarlahi incident. Nepali congress lawmaker Gagan Thapa house could not run until the formation of a parliamentary probe committee to see the incident.

Likewise, Rajendra Mahatto of Rastriy Janata party said the issues of common people voiced in the parliament respecting the parliamentary norms and values went unheard.

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