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Kathmandu Metropolitan City to form disaster management act implementation committee

Kathmandu, April 23: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is to form a committee headed by Kathmandu Metropolitan City mayor within a week for implementing its ‘disaster management act’.

The 11-member committee would be constituted under the chairmanship of Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya in a week’s time from now, said Kathmandu Metropolitan City spokesman Ishwarman Dongol. The official assigned by Kathmandu Metropolitan City to look after the disaster management would be the member-secretary of this committee.

According to spokesman Dongol, Kathmandu Metropolitan City would also set up a separate fund for the disaster management. The Act has been issued to minimize the damage caused by the natural and non-natural disasters, to protect and preserve the cultural heritages and to carry out disaster management works in an effective and coordinated manner at times of disasters.


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