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Applications of 1.2 million landless collected

Chitwan: The applications of 1.2 million landless people have been collected so far at offices under the National Land Commission.

The applications have been received from the landless Dalits, the landless squatters and the unsystematic settlers. The Commission office-bearers estimate the number of applications to reach around 1.5 million. Among the total applications collected so far, about 15 per cent are from the landless Dalits, 20 per cent are from the landless squatters and 65 per cent are from the unsystematic settlers, the Commission vice-chair Nahendra Khadka said. Six hundred thousand applications have been entered into the computer while work of entering 500 thousand applications in the computer is being carried out daily. Khadka shared that 600 thousand applicants have been provided with the relevant papers. Slips have been issued to those whose applications are yet to be entered into the computer.

The Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding with 530 local levels and forwarded its works. MoU had already been signed with the rest of the local levels and the related works progressing before this. According to him, the work of filling up the data collection form is ongoing at 240 local levels since July 18. The process of distributing the land ownership certificates has reached the final stages at 33 local levels. The Commission has made arrangements to provide 130 square feet to one bigha 10 katthas of land on the basis of urban and rural areas. The area to be provided to them would be different on the basis of place. He said activities are underway to distribute landowner certificates to 500,000 landless people in the current fiscal year.

A landownership certificate could be provided to the remaining people in the next fiscal year, added Khadka. Khadka opined, “Additional technology and resources are needed to conclude the task as per the target. Bharatpur Metropolitan City has been carrying out activities even after purchasing ‘High-Resolution Satellite Image’ and handed over it to the Commission to complete the activities soon” The Vice-Chairperson further said land ownership certificate could be provided to landless soon if other local levels like Bharatpur Metropolitan City give priority. Even senior citizens of 91 years have also filed applications at the Commission. —

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