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NA members deliberate on budget for upcoming fiscal year

Kathmandu: Members of the National Assembly (NA) today put their views on the government’s annual estimate of income and expenditure for the fiscal year 2079-80 BS (2022-23).

Taking part in the deliberations, Khimlal Bhattarai of CPN (UML) commented that a large-size budget had just focused on overpromising the people. He questioned over the ground for the implementation of the budget in absence of goals and a foundation.

As he assessed, the budget is lacking in terms of presenting a concrete base for consolidating federalism and recognising the presence of provincial governments. “The budget fails to give priority to the provincial governments.” He expressed his doubts whether a fall in production and a market price hike by seven per cent were pushing the country towards an economic crisis.

As he claimed, achievement of economic growth is not possible in absence of capacity enhancement for capital expenditure. Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi of the Nepali Congress was of the view that agriculture, health, education, tourism and employment were the priorities of the budget, insisting on coordination and cooperation among all for its effective implementation. Urmila Aryal of CPN (Maoist Center) demanded the establishment of a senior citizenship club in each ward.

She also drew the attention of stakeholders concerned about the containment of incidents of air crashes in the country and ensuring air safety. Jayanti Devi Rai of CPN (Unified Socialist) was of the opinion that the budget failed to incorporate measures for ending policy-level corruption and controlling a price hike.

Mohammed Khalid of the Janata Samajbadi Party welcomed the budget citing that it was capable of strengthening and institutionalizing federalism. Lawmakers demand resumption of Nijgadh International Airport Lawmaker Khimlal Devkota has demanded the resumption of the proposed Nijgadh International Airport project in Bara.

The project has been halted following the verdict of the Supreme Court not to continue it. The project should be implemented as the budget for the next fiscal year, 2022/23 has been already allocated for it, he opined while putting his views on the deliberation of the principle of budget for the next FY in today’s session of the National Assembly.

The government’s policies and programmes have continued the project. So far, the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has already spent Rs 3 billion on the project. Similarly, for the project, 8,050 hectares of land have been transferred in its name.

On the occasion, the Nepali Congress lawmaker Kamala Devi Panta has viewed the budget for the next FY as one that has been responsible to the people and has encouraged agriculture and farmers. But, CPN (UML) lawmaker Gopal Bhattarai criticised that the budget was brought haphazardly and had difficulties in its implementation.

CPN (Maoist Center) lawmaker Narayan Kaji Shrestha has sought the help and support of all in the implementation of the budget. Similarly, Maoist Center lawmaker Urmila Aryal and CPN (Unified Socialist)’s Madan Kumari Shah drew the attention of the concerned authorities to control air accidents and make aviation managed and safe.

They also demanded investigations into air accidents including the recent Tara Air aircraft crash at Sanosure of Thasang in Mustang district. All 22 people on board including three crew members were killed in the crash.

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