तपाईँ सुन्दै हुनुहुन्छः

Humla getting connected to road network

Two rural municipalities in the southern belt of Humla district have road connectivity. Adanchuli rural municipality that adjoins the Mugu district had been connected with the road in March while a vehicle reached Tanjakot via the neighbouring district Bajura on October 11.

Five out of the seven rural municipalities in the district now have road connectivity. Only Sarkegaad and Chankheli rural municipalities do not have motorable road connectivity.

Motor vehicles reached Adanchuli rural municipality’s ward nos. 2, 3 and 4 in March with the construction of road under the Karnali Corridor while vehicles reached Tanjakot-4 and 5 only last Sunday.

With the road construction gaining pace in various places, Humla district, which is geographically remote, is gradually becoming connected with the national road network. The locals in Tanjakot and Adanchuli of Humla are happy with the road connectivity via Bajura.

Many settlements in the southern belt of the district have road access with the construction of the road under the Karnali Corridor highway. Namkha, Simkot and Kharpunath rural municipalities already have road connectivity.

Trucks carrying food grains had arrived in Simkot, the district headquarters, from Kathmandu last year. The trucks had come via Kerung in Tibet and Hilsa and Namkha border transit points of Humla.

The road has been constructed with a budget of Rs 5 million provided by the Karnali State government’s Ministry of Social Development.

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