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HoR sends impeachment proposal against Chief Justice Rana to impeachment recommendation committee

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Kathmandu: A meeting of the House of Representatives today has sent the impeachment proposal against Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Rana to the impeachment recommendation committee.

The impeachment proposal sent to the committee was endorsed by the House with the majority.

Earlier talking part in the discussion, lawmakers of the opposition party CPN UML expressed doubt over the finalization of the impeachment proposal.

They also said the proposal forwarding was delayed with the intent of evading it. They further stressed expediting the discussion to resolve the impeachment.

Meanwhile, the lawmakers from the ruling coalition tried to justify the impeachment proposal saying it was inevitable as the chief justice was working against the constitution and laws.

They also blamed Chief Justice Rana for lacking work execution capacity, reducing jail terms unilaterally, failing to lead the judiciary, and having collusion with middlemen in the judiciary.

The impeachment proposal was registered in the parliament on the 13 of February 2022 furnishing 21 points for the impeachment of the chief justice.

Following the registration of impeachment, Chief Justice Rana was suspended.

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