तपाईँ सुन्दै हुनुहुन्छः

Number of patients with seasonal health issues up in Baitadi

Baitadi, April 23: With a change in weather, patients’ flow has increased in several health facilities in Baitadi, according to health workers.

The number of patients with various seasonal health issues including fever, flu and diarrhea has soared in the district, said District Hospital, Baitadi’s health assistant Khemraj Bhatta. Children are affected the most. The hospital alone receives some 100 patients with seasonal health problems on a daily basis, he said.

As per the federal provision, the local government (municipality office) has to purchase the medicines and supply to the district hospital but, the local government is yet to call a bid towards that end. Respective district hospital is required to distribute 58 sorts of medicines free of cost as the government pays a premium for them. Health professionals advise people to be conscious about their food habit and sanitation and drink plenty of water to shield themselves from seasonal health problems.

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