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Finance Minister Sharma refutes involvement of unauthorized person in budget formulation

Kathmandu: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has ruled out any ‘treachery’ committed during the budget preparation.

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He also dismissed the report of the involvement of unauthorised persons and keeping confidentiality during the budget preparation. He was responding to queries raised by lawmakers on subjects related to the Ministry of Finance under the Appropriation Bill in the meeting of the House of Representations on Thursday.

“There has not been any treachery in the budget for the next fiscal year, 2022/23. The budget was made with due process. The issue of tax rate that there have been attempts to make it a political issue is not a political one, but an apolitical one.”

Confidentiality in the budget has been maintained, claimed the minister, adding that “Any confidentiality has not been broken.

Employees in the related positions make the budget. I am accountable and responsible. But, it has given a guideline to drive the country toward stability

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