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Minister invites investors to invest in Nepal’s energy, tourism, IT, agriculture sectors

April 23, Kathmandu: Finance Minister Barshaman Pun has said that the continuation of the best policies taken by the government would help create an environment conducive to investment and repatriate the returns.

In a meeting with the media persons ahead of the Nepal Investment Summit 2024, the Finance Minister said government policies will remain unchanged despite the change in the government and the investors won’t have to face difficulties in taking their returns back.

Minister Pun made it clear that there will be no changes in Nepal’s investment laws and policies though the changes take place in internal politics. “The characteristics of capital is an environment for investment and securing profits. There is nothing to do with any ism and system for the investors.

Investors look for the environment and now Nepal has an appropriate environment for investment,” the Finance Minister said. He also hoped that domestic and foreign investment will increase in Nepal due to different legal, procedural and structural changes that the government made in recent times.

On the occasion, Finance Minister Pun urged the investors to invest in Nepal’s energy, tourism, information technology and agricultural goods processing sector terming them more lucrative areas for investment.

There is no problem for the market for goods produced in Nepal since Nepal enjoys friendly ties with two gigantic nations India and China, Minister Pun argued. RSS


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