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Volleyball championship in Rasuwa to promote Red Panda conservation

April 18, Kathmandu: A volleyball championship has been organized in Rasuwa to raise awareness about the conservation of the Red Panda.

The four-day volleyball championship was opened by Bagmati province assembly member Prabhat Tamang in Dhunche on Monday. Ten local groups from the district are taking part in the tournament.

The main theme of the wildlife weekly celebration is “coordination, collaboration, and co-existence; our shared responsibility for wildlife preservation.” Chief Conservation Officer Pramod Bhattarai emphasized the importance of preserving over 38 classified rare wildlife and bird species, including the Red Panda, musk deer, snow leopard, boar, black bear, and monkey, which are a top priority for the Langtang National Park Office in Rasuwa.

Local organizations are supporting the national park’s conservation efforts to protect rare and endangered wildlife and birds. Overall, the Red Panda trophy competition in Rasuwa is a positive initiative towards raising awareness and promoting the conservation of endangered species.

Such efforts are crucial to safeguarding our natural environment and ensuring the survival of these precious species for future generations.


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