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World Radio Day being celebrated today with the theme “Radio and Peace”

February 13, Kathmandu: The 12th World Radio Day is being celebrated across the world including Nepal on Monday.

World Radio Day is marked on February 13 every year. This year’s theme for World Radio Day is “Radio and Peace”.

All over the world, independent radio is considered an important and cost-effective communication medium for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

In 2011, UNESCO announced that February 13 would be celebrated as World Radio Day in honour of all radio stations, radio workers, and listeners.  

Meanwhile, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said that the government was responsible for the betterment of radio stations in the country.

Talking to Radio Nepal on the occasion of World Radio Day, Minister Sharma asked for suggestions from all stakeholders to resolve the problems seen in the radio communication sector, stating that radio was a pivotal medium for the flow of information in Nepal.

Communication Minister Rekha Sharma

Minister Sharma also appreciated the role played by Radio Nepal as a leading media house in Nepal.

Likewise, the Executive Director of Radio Nepal Buddhi Bahadur KC also expressed his best wishes on the occasion of World Radio Day.

Radio Nepal’s ED Buddhi Bahadur KC

He said Radio Nepal had remained an important medium for ensuring democracy, prosperity, and citizens’ access to information, education and health since its inception in 1951.


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