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‘New projects, programmes unlikely due to previous fiscal liability’

Myagdi: Newly-appointed Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Gandaki Province Resham Bahadur Jugjali has said that the new government in the province was not in a comfortable zone to plan for new projects and programmes due to the financial liability created by the past governments.

He mentioned that the Gandaki province government downsized the number of ministries from 12 to seven to become economic and justify the relevance of the province.

Addressing the different functions at his home town in Myagdi on Saturday, Minister Jugjali shared that the provincial government has difficulties preparing new projects and programmes until those financial liabilities were cleared.

Of the total Rs 30 billion capital budget in the province, the past governments have created Rs 13.5 billion fiscal liability from the projects initiated by them, Minister Jugjali stated.

He also shared that the provincial government was working to complete those initiated programmes and the contract-awarded projects in time.

On the occasion, Minister Jugjali assured to allocate more budget for the tourism-related activities as tourism was the key basis for the prosperity of Gandaki province.

Similarly, he laid emphasis on policy-level provisions for benefiting the citizens by creating employment through the scientific utilization of forests and the environment along with conservation measures.

Elected from Province Assembly 1 (1) of Myagdi, Minister Jugjali attended different felicitation programmes organized in his reception by the CPN (Maoist Centre) district committee, Tatopani Kunda Management Committee, Myagdi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mangala and Malika rural municipalities and others.


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