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Street art, a great tool for social change: Man One

Man One

December 2, Janakpur: Artists participating in an interaction have concluded that street art can be an important means to bring about social change.

The participants in Thursday’s session titled “A discussion among Artists, Local Community Stakeholders, and Policy Makers” organized by the US Embassy in Janakpurdham, visiting US artist Man One said that graffiti and murals can help bring social changes and can be a means of income generation for the artists themselves.

During the session, Man One exhibited his works and informed the local artists how street artists can make a living by doing commissioned works for different clients like government agencies, private collectors, and business houses.

Artist Manisha Shah from Janakpurdham, who has been working for social awareness via modernized Mithila painting, said that street art could be pivotal in reducing discrimination and violence against women.

Artist Khem Bahadur Palpali said the Mithila region could be a fertile ground for a Nepali style of street art.

US Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Officer, Sarah Jasmine Knight,  said that artists from both countries would benefit from such exchanges.


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