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Role of teachers stressed for better learning atmosphere

Kathmandu: Enhancement in the learning process has been stressed to see better results in the secondary level education results. 

The participants of a programme organised by the Private and Boarding School Organisation Nepal (PABSON) here today were of the view that teachers should be responsible and competent for improvements in the learning activities and the government should ensure an atmosphere for them for the capacity enhancement. 

They were putting their views in a seminar entitled “secondary-level education and assessment system”.

 According to them, the recent results of grade 12 suggest the need of an advanced approach in learning activities and in the assessment system.  The results disqualify a noticeable number of students to pursue further study, it is said.      

National Education Board chair Dr Mahashram Sharma said in some cases teachers are not aware of the curriculum policy and bases of grade which has caused problems for students.

As he said, the Board plans to conduct an orientation for teachers.  “From the next academic year, grade 12 questions will be of equal standard for all provinces.” 

He pressed an idea of assigning the task of curriculum development, questions preparations and re-assessment of answer sheets solely to experts as the Board is for facilitating the exam-related administrative affairs. 

Educationist Dr Balchandra Luintel said students’ learning capacity should be the focus of education system.  

PABSON President DK Dhungana said reforms are needed in the assessment system and that’s why the PABSON had held the discussions on the matter.

Education analysts Gyanendra Ban and Hari Musyan gave their presentations on the assessment system and concluded that a liberal approach in lower level and a tougher approach in the upper level were not appropriate. 

The Board publishes the results on the grade system since 2078 BS and this year the number of students obtaining 4 GPA is nil.

Towards the regular exams, 188,410 students are listed as non-graded thus becoming not qualified to pursue higher studies.

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