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Nepal’s Electricity generation capacity increases to 2269 Mega Watt

Kathmandu: Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation Minister Pampha Bhushal says the development of the energy sector can be vital for the economic prosperity of the country.

Unveiling the achievement since she came into the ministry, Energy Minister Bhushal claimed that she had paid special attention to the development, production, and expansion of the energy sector.

Minister Bhushal said the price of electricity tariff was waivered for those families that use 20 units per month. She listed the commencement of energy trade, reduction of energy tariffs, and issuance of different tariffs for winter and monsoon seasons as her achievements in the ministry.

In her 17-point achievement list on Sunday, Minister Bhushal said the ministry has planned to forward the construction of 12 hundred megawatts Bhudhi Gandaki project.

Minister Bhushal said now 2269 MW of electricity run in the national energy grid adding 7 hundred 41 MW of electricity during the last fiscal year alone.

She also vowed to forward the project of full electrification of the country within two years saying 95% of people have got access to energy from the national grid.  

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