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Parliamentary Committee to discuss with PM on inclusive system in ambassadorial appointment

Radio Nepal 19 Jan, 2022 8:04 pm

Kathmandu: The Parliamentary Hearing Committee has decided to hold a discussion with the Prime Minister on progress in the implementation of an inclusive and proportional system on the appointment of ambassadors.

The committee meeting held on Thursday took the decision to invite the PM to inquire why the inclusive and proportional system was not implemented fully as per the spirit of the Constitution.

Committee Chair Laxman Lal Karna said that the concerned ministers, commission chairpersons and experts would be invited to discuss the legal progress relating to the inclusion and proportional system and its implementation in the country.

Article 42 of the Constitution of Nepal has the provision that representation in State bodies should be based on inclusive principles. Similarly, there is the constitutional provision of a parliamentary hearing on the appointment of officials at constitutional bodies including ambassadors.

The parliamentary committee concluded that it would also conduct monitoring and investigation on the recommendation of candidates for appointment to various posts. The committee further complained that the inclusive and proportional systems as per the spirit of the Constitution were not implemented in terms of appointment in constitutional bodies and of ambassadors.

Earlier, it had repeatedly directed the government not to ignore the proportional and inclusive system. According to the committee, its direction on the appointment of ambassadors for the US, India and the UK was ignored. Some members of the committee then had argued why to conduct a hearing if the direction and recommendation are not implemented.

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