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तपाईँ सुन्दै हुनुहुन्छः

Relief materials for landslide survivors dumped in the headquarters

Radio Nepal 17 Jul, 2020 11:47 am

The relief materials collected for the survivors of landslides that occurred at Dhaulagiri and Malika of Myagdi have been dumped at the district headquarters, Beni.

The daily lives of the survivors have become tougher in lack of life-saving food and other relief materials. However, the relief stuff collected from different walks of lives has not been supplied to the indigent families.

It has been over a week since multiple landslides devastated the homes and food stuck of the local people but the relief items are yet to be distributed to ease their daily lives.

It was already delayed to collect data of the survivors of the landslide who lost the lives of their family members and properties including homes, cattle, and food stocks. It has also caused inaction in the classification of the survivors and their residential management.

There is no uniformity in the distribution of relief. Though helicopter is also being mobilized to distribute the relief materials, the most essential goods such as foods, clothes, and drinking water pipes have not been supplied in the landslide-devastated areas, said Khiman Jumjali, a local of Malika-7, Baindphant.

In lack of the supply of the most essentials, the survivors are reeling under a troubled life, he added.

There is an explicit lack of food, clothes, and drinking water in the temporary camps managed to keep 284 members of 62 landslides-displaced families of Beem.

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