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Dailekh becoming hotspot of Corona Virus in Karnali

Dailekh has turned out to be the hotspot of Corona Virus in Karnali state after 113 people were confirmed positive to the virus in a single day. The increasing number of people coming from India has led to a fear that the virus would spread to the communities.

Accordingly, people’s representatives of Dailekh have urged both the federal and state government to take immediate steps to stop the infection from spreading further.

It may be noted that the District Administration Office has imposed a prohibitory order in Narayan and Dullu municipalities of the district. The number of infected in Dailekh has already reached 352 while one person died in quarantine.

Of the 113 people confirmed positive to Corona Virus on Thursday, 87 are still in the villages. They will be taken to isolation centers in hospitals considering their situation, the District Disaster Management Committee said.
Many people who had been staying in quarantine centers were sent home after their RDT showed negative. But later, it came to be known that 113 of them were infected through a PCR test in Humla. Of them, 87 are from Narayan municipality.

Around 42,000 people are expected to return home from India, with 12,000 already arriving. This shows a high level of risk in Dailekh and hence the state and the federal government needs to take steps immediately to stop the situation from deteriorating further, District Coordination Committee, Dailekh Chief Prem Thapa said. The delay in the PCR test helped the infection spread to the villages, he added.

Narayan municipality mayor Ratna Bahadur Khadka blamed negligence on part of the State government is making Dailekh the hotspot of Corona Virus. “We at the local level did what was possible as per our capacity. But now it is a crisis situation, and the central and state government needs to act immediately,” he said.

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