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Demand to end artificial shortages of essentials

The Western Region Hotel Association, Pokhara has drawn the attention of the District Administration Office towards black marketing and subsequent artificial shortage of daily essentials in the market. The situation is a result of the adverse condition since the spread of the Coronavirus.

A delegation led by the Association Chair Bikal Tulachan handed over a memorandum to Chief District Officer Ramesh KC on Tuesday, drawing his attention towards the scarcity of daily essentials as well as essential drugs and hand sanitizers in the local market.

On the occasion, the impact of COVID-19 on tourism and hotel business was also discussed and shared. As a result of the scarcity, the adverse condition has surfaced for hotel guests as well as staffers. Coronavirus has created both terror and a crisis in the tourism sector, Chair Tulachan said.

The memo also draws attention to the local administration towards the situation where hoteliers are finding it difficult to pay bank loan interest as well as regular remuneration to the hotel employees and workers. The Association looked forward to some relief support from the government towards that end.

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