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Tulsipur sub-metropolis to install sundial to keep tradition alive

The Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan City in Dang is preparing to install sundial at two locations.

Sub-metropolis mayor Ghanashyam Pandey said two traditional clocks (sundial) have been prepared to install them at Beljhandi and the Ganeshpur Park at Tulsipur-7.
”We want to make the new generation aware of this traditional timekeeping instrument. A park will be constructed at Beljhandi to display the sundial,” he said.

The Oxford Learner’s dictionary defines a sundial as a device used outdoors, especially in the past, for telling the time when the sun is shining. A pointed piece of metal throws a shadow on a flat surface that is marked with the hours like a clock, and the shadow moves around as the sun moves across the sky.

The Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) has cooperated with the local government to prepare conventional timekeeping devices. As said by NSU registrar Madhav Adhikari, the device will show the time only during the presence of light. It means that it will generally function from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Our ancestors would depend on the sundial to know about the time when the modern clock was yet to be invented. The display of this ancient clock is expected to encourage tourist arrival here. The local government and the NSU had invested Rs 320,000 each to prepare two devices. They were developed by astrologist NSU associate professor Jayant Acharya.

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