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Gurung community organising ‘Twoho Tehein’ ritual to keep safe from coronavirus

The Tamu Pye Lhu Sangh’s central committee is planning to organize the ‘Twoho Tehein’ worship ritual here on March 17, praying for liberation from the coronavirus pandemic. The Sangh is a community association of the Gurungs.

Association’s Kaski district chapter first vice-president Nim Gurung said this ritual dates back to over a thousand years.

According to him, at that time, a similar epidemic broke out in the ancient kingdom of the Gurungs, Kholasonthar and it claimed many lives. As expected, fear gripped the kingdom. The ‘Twoho Tehein’ religious ritual was organized at the joint initiatives of the Tamu monks. It so happened that the epidemic came under control after conducting this ritual. The Gurung elders still cite this historical legend and this ritual lives to this day.
The organizations related to Tamu (Gurung) community have been organizing this ritual in a collective manner at present as well, praying for happiness, peace, and prosperity. This ritual means ‘rural worship’.

It is believed that organizing this ritual frees the community of diseases, protects crops and the entire living world. Gurung said that this is the original culture of the Gurung people and it carried special significance as it is performed praying for the well being of the entire living beings.

There are three categories of ‘khegi’ or priests in the Tamu community, namely, Pachyu, Kalhepri, and Bonpo Lam. All three khegis have a significant role in the different rituals of the Gurung community from birth to death.

Vice-president Gurung said the Association has been organizing this ritual on the first Tuesday of the Nepali month, Chait, every year with the participation of three categories of the khegi. He said around 50 khegis would be performing this ritual this time focusing on freeing mankind from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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