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State Affairs and Good Governance Committee stresses on consensus among top leadership of main political parties regarding new citizenship bill

Kathmandu, September 14: The House of Representatives’ State Affairs and Good Governance Committee has pointed out the need of forging consensus among the top leadership of the main political parties regarding the bill designed to amend the Nepal Citizenship Act 2063 BS.

The efforts by the committee to take forward the bill on the basis of consensus today alone failed  after the main op[position party, Nepali Congress, presented a written proposal stating that it will not budge from its present position on the bill that it cannot change its course regarding the existing provisions in the Citizenship Act, 2063 BS.

Lawmakers from the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and the main opposition party, Nepali Congress, differed in the last hour on the citizenship bill especially regarding the topic of acquisition of naturalized citizenship through marriage.

After agreement could not be reached on the bill in the committee’s meeting today, the committee has directed its members to make initiatives in their respective parties to have the bill discussed and consensus forged at the top leadership of their parties.

Committee president Sashi Shrestha said in the meeting that she has been saddened and disturbed as the committee members could not agree on the bill in the last minute although discussions were held on the provision from various perspectives for long.

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