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Foreign Affairs Minister Gyawali stresses on addressing problems caused by dam, flooding and inundation along Nepal-India boarder as common problems

Kathmandu, July 26: Experts on foreign affairs, water resources and energy have stressed on addressing the problems of flood and inundation incurred by the dams constructed by India along the border through diplomatic channel soon.

Participating in a program organized by Nepal Environment Journalist Group today, the experts lauded the endorsement of the report jointly prepared by Nepalese and Indians teams regarding the problems of flood and inundation due to dams constructed along the border.  They also stressed on the timely implementation of the report to mitigate the damages due to natural disasters caused by border dams made by India.

Also speaking on the occasion, Foreign Affairs Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali said the problems caused due to dams, floods and inundation should be seen as common problems of the people of both the countries keeping politics, border and interest of only one country.

Minister Gyawali also said that while having an agreement between the two countries regarding any of the multi-purpose projects related to water resources, attention will be paid to avoid the mistakes made in the past.

Meanwhile, former Water Resource Minister Deepak Gyawali said that the problems of inundation have been aggravated as India constructed more than 4-meter tall roads and various dams near the border.

Likewise, former Ambassador to India from Nepal Deep Kumar Upadhyaya stress on the diplomatic initiation for addressing the inundation problems.

Meantime, Director General of Water Resources and Irrigation Department Pradeep Thapa said technical teams have made inspections in 13 different places and submitted a report to the government. He also said that teams will be sent to other areas to address the problem.

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