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Nepal Communist Party Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal says, party unification to be over by August 17

July 23: Nepal Communist Party  chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the process for party unification has almost reached to conclusion.

Addressing to the programme organized by the Pushpalal Memorial Foundation to commemorate the ’41st Pushpalal Memorial Day’ here today, he claimed that the party unification process would be completed by August 17. He added that they would reach the people with the central committee of the party formulating nationwide programme. The Nepal Communist Party  Chair opined that they have completed the people’s revolution in a unique fashion by achieving the party unification which was the late Pushpalal’s dream. Pushpalal Shrestha is the founding leader of the Nepal Communist Party.

He recalled that the late leader Pushpalal had, through a party convention held in Gorakhpur of India in 2025 BS, had raised the issue of unification of the communist parties in Nepal. Prachanda went on to say that they were the bearers of the late Pushpalal’s ideology and that the journey of socialism would also be completed as per the dreams of the NCP founding leader.

Likewise, Nepal Communist Party  senior leader and Foundation chair Madhav Kumar Nepal said that the dream of Pushpalal would be materialized only if the Nepal Communist Party  is established by making it popular.

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