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Home Minister says he’s clueless about State 2 government view about two CDOs

Janakpurdham, April 27: Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa has said he has no idea that how State 2 government gave its view about hiring own Chief District Officers.

Talking to media persons during the State level security seminar at Janakpurdham today, the Home Minister made it clear that the constitution has no provision about two Chief District Officers.

Stating that the government has already addressed the problem relating to citizenship, he said that the government has brought no bill going against the federalism. As he said, the federal government will make provisions for the management of State police as per the constitution.

He also took time to claim that the situation of the country’s good governance, peace and security has been strengthened in the last year.

The Home Minister said an agreement to bring CK Raut demanding for an independent Madhesh to the mainstream of politics and special efforts to overcome the anti-constitutional activities remained as major achievements in view of national integrity, peace and security.

Saying in the past one year, Nepal has witnessed quality improvement in the foreign/international relations and a strong base had been built for the investment, the Home Minister said the government’s goal ahead is to see a rise in economic development. (RSS)

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